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Join me for a Cup of TEA & A reading

Please join me for a cup of tea and a pulse or archetype reading (20 min, free for new clients).

Pulse reading – In Traditional Chinese Medicine the pulse is read on six positions, three on each wrist. The rhythm of your pulse reflects the state of your body and emotions and can reveal useful information about your interior state.

Archetype reading – Archetypes represent patterns of behavior, which can manifest both in the shadow and the light. Archetypes like the warrior, the queen, or the heroine are found in stories, films, and everyday life. Working with archetypes can help us see a physical challenge or difficult life situation from another perspective. We will explore one archetype together that is relevant to your life at the present or to a particular question or challenge.

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Amelia Bryne
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. 072-5544055


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