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Fertility Circle

In Winter/Spring 2024 I am offering a group coaching program for fertility for women in Sweden.

When I wanted to have a baby, I learned so much from other women on that journey.  I also learned a lot from the practitioners – midwives, acupuncturists, herbalists – I consulted. This group combines both those elements, peer support and expert guidance that’s specific for each woman.

My intent is to empower women to learn about their own bodies and the practical things you can do to prepare for a strong and healthy pregnancy with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional foods, and Nordic herbs.

Please join me!

(Läs mer på svenska här.)

Program details

Group structure:

  • We will work together over 3 months starting in mid-February 2024
  • We’ll meet as a group 2x/month online (shorter sessions) and 1x/month in-person (full day, in the Stockholm area)
  • The program includes 3 individual sessions (60-90 min) with me, one per month, where we’ll look at your specific situation and body. We will work on both the physical level and the spirit level.
  • Group meetings will be in either English or Swedish, depending on the group’s preference
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work together with a group “buddy” for extra support

You will learn:

  • What foods and lifestyle changes will be specifically helpful for supporting your fertility and hormone balance (it’s not the same for everyone)
  • How to understand and chart your menstrual cycles and look for fertility signs
  • About Nordic herbs that have traditionally been used for women’s health
  • Acupressure points and other simple hands-on methods to support fertility
  • Meditations, visualizations, and other helpful tools

The course is designed for active learning, participation, and homework between the sessions. You’ll be asked to reflect, incorporate new foods, observe your menstrual cycle, share your experiences with the group, and try physical practices like self-massage or moxa (warming treatment). We will work not only practically, but also creatively and in contact with the natural world through exercises like drawing/ painting, walking outdoors, and working with native fertility plants.

This is going to be an amazing co-creative group. What we create together has the potential to benefit so many other mothers. If you feel called to take part, I want to make that happen!

Apply to Join

The application is now closed. If you are interested in joining a future group, please email me!


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