Meet Amelia

Acupuncturist, anthropologist, artist, and herbalist with a
passion for women’s well-being and a particular focus on
reproductive and gynecological health.


I work with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nordic herbs, and foods to support:

♦WELL BEING – stress, sleep, digestion, mood, energy
♦CYCLES – puberty, fertility, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, menopause
♦GYNECOLOGY – urinary system, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, hormones, etc.
♦FERTILITY – preparing the body for a strong and vibrant pregnancy

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Affordable treatment for women in Stockholm.


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Women’s well being & vitality, gynecological and reproductive health, acupuncture treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations, events, workshops, nordic herbs, and forest medicine.


Amelia Bryne
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. 072-5544055


Traditional medicine Wild plants —  Motherhood Trees Healing in a beautiful way — Kwan Yin Sustainable medicine Sharing knowledge — Circles Tea ceremonies